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What a Great Race by one of Team Polley Racing members. Kyle was racing with his local machine mechanics from Class 1. There was allot of chatter at the plant as to who was going to be the top dog. There was also a little side betting going on. But here is the video of the race, and I think from the video we know who won and who was always going to win!!! LOL Great job by all the drivers out there and Tracy we are always looking for Sponsors- HINT HINT...

Well we had to make a bold move for my job. We moved to the Ocala FL area and WOW is it Hot down here. But we made our way to the Great OGP = Ocala Grand Prix Track and what an amazing track. We were also greeted by some great group of guys in the clone class. Big Shout out to Rick Smith & Gus Blanco for such a warm welcome to the racing community. We had our first ever crack on the OGP track Saturday the 22nd, and this track is not only fast but smooth as glass. TPR with in 2 practices had the karts dialed in. TPR also scaled under weight as this was the season ending race and TPR did not want to interfear with the guys fighting for points. So the 2 Clone Sr drivers for TPR ran light on weight, but our JR driver was on correct weight for his class coming home with a 2nd place finish great job bud !!! Here is a video of our race you may have to skip over some of the other classes to get to ours or you can watch the whole day if you wish. Once again Thank you Gus & Rick and all the clone guys for welcoming TPR into the OGP Family. TPR will be back in action in September for the Fall/Winter Series. So stay tuned for more action coming soon. Box Stock Practice 2nd round start time 2:09:15 , Box Stock Pre Final start time 6:40:25 Box Stock Finals start 8:27:34 these are the times in the youtube video if you want to skip and go directly to those races.

Alanmykael with his 2nd place finsh hardware. Not bad for first time out on a new track.

We had to bring this one back as we all loved this one. This was the TAG Sr Class at Vegas in 2011, one of our family members was racing in this event. I think the picture and the video says it all, take a look and enjoy. ( Click On Picture!!!).

Winning drivers from Last year and years past.




Kai Andrew        

TPR in the Springfield headlines at ABC news 20 Follow this link to view the Interview. :http://www.illinoiscentral.tv/sections/videos/videos/vid_67.shtml