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Well as most of you know, I took a pretty good hit durning the first practice session of the first race of the season. Which should of never happened in the first place. This person knows who he is and what his driver did. I mean come on its practice for gosh darn sakes what did you win ???. Nothing because its practice Geez !!! So at the next race April the 11th TPR will be there in Full Force but with a twist. The 42 will be driven by Kyle Koetters, the 20 will be driven by my good buddie Rick Smith and the 14 of Alanmykael. I can tell you that the Mychron reads were extremely good as we had all 3 drivers during practice in the 43 sec lap time brackets. The next closes SR was at a 44 high 44 so TPR was almost at time a full second faster then the rest of the field. The only others that were hitting those lap times were the JR drivers. So all thought I will not be in the 42 piloting it to a victory the next best guy to do so is Kyle. TPR always overcomes obstacles this is just one of those. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Well here is what TPR does when faced with these kinds of challenges.

TPR would like to thank TS Racing for getting us the Rockin 206 engines that put down some of the fastest lap times for that weekend. Folks i can`t stress enough if you want a shelf full of these you see listed above, Visit the Pros at TS Racing. The staff there is very knowleagable and can get you on the fast track to getting a shelf like you see above.

TPR Staff.

Team Polley Racing would like to welcome Williams Classic Cars for there Sponsership in the Spring Summer Series this year at OGP. Williams Classic Cars was able to get TPR This Awesome Chevy C/K 3500 EXT Cab Pickup Truck. The sales staff at Williams was very knowleagable and there prices are competitive. TPR had been searching for a truck for several months now, We even went all the way to Lake Wales Fl. So if anyone is look for a Great Car or Truck I encourage you to take the trip over to Williams Classic Cars. You Wont Be Disappointed!!!.

Click on the Williams Classic Cars Logo and find your next Car or Truck.

Here is a photo of what we can expect the class size to be at OGP for the 206 Program. Thanks TS Racing for the photo & visit TS Racing Super Store by clicking the TS Racing link below or Visit there Facebook page here by clicking on the photo.

Also Click the OGP logo to watch TPR race live. During the Spring/Summer Series in Ocala Florida starting March 2015!!!!

Check out TS Racing for all your Karting Needs!!! Need a Fast BSP Clone or L206 that wont break the bank. See the Pros at TS Racing, click the link and see what all the chatter is all about.


Final Race of the Fall/Winter Series was a hit for TPR, First lets start by saying Thank You TS Racing for the awesome motors that took TPR to Victory Lane so many times throuhout the fall/winter series. Thank you goes out to Delta Tire as well Long time supporter`s of TPR. You will find both of these Great Sponsors located in the TPR Main Sponsors Page. Big Thank you goes out to Rick Smith & Gus Blanco For the Friendly Welcome to the OGP Karting Community. This was our first year racing at OGP and TPR`s first local series points run. Both TPR Drivers Mike Polley & Alanmykael Polley would score several wins and many 2nd place podium finishes. As many of you know Team Polley Racing has been a long time karting family. We enjoy racing as a family and love to meet new people along the way. This year was the best TPR has seen in sometime, The Crew at OGP put on a great series. The tech team there is very knowladge able when it comes to different engines, and did a spot on job when it comes to keeping the classes fair and even.


TPR is looking foward to the Spring/Summer Series coming in March 2015. TPR will be moving to a different class one that seems to be growing in popularity nation wide. The L206 program looks to be making huge strides, and looks to be the biggest class of the OGP Series next to the Rotax Masters & Tags. TPR has been in Contact with TS Racing and 206 engine prep is underway. We will be doing some testing here soon in the coming months in preperation for the next series. TPR ended the Fall/Winter Series on a High note, as both Mike and Alanmykael came home with 2nd place series championships. Mike was the points leader in the stock class but as most karters know you have to drop your worst score and tally points from there which was a 3rd place finish for Mike. But the young man who would win the series only won it by a margine of a few points. So congrats to them and there crew it was a hard fought battle all season long. Here are some photos of the trophy presentation at the banquet. We will see you all in 2015 for the next series have a safe and Happy New Year, from all of us here at TPR.

TPR CLONE SR CLASS SCORES A WIN !!!! on Nov the 8th was Fast Track Clockwise on the OGP Track. TPR would take the pole with fast Qualif and Pre Final Win. In the Final Mike Polley would build a good lead over 2nd place kart, but as tire pressure came up so to did the tackyness of the kart. this would slow Polley down and allow 2nd place to catch Polley the finish was an awesome one to watch and hear. Polley would pull out all the stop`s to capture his 1st win of the season as he had a 3rd and 2 - 2nd place now he can chaulk up that #1 that has elueded him this season. December the 13th will be the final leg of the Fall/Winter Series. Can Mike pull out another fantastic win stay tuned and click the link that says OGP on December the 13th and watch live. Here is the great finish Mike had, Scroll to 7:32 towards the end to view the Clone Final.

Welcome back to TPR Website you Die Hard Karting fans. Well we here at TPR have some things to talk about!!! In race number 2 of the fall winter series TPR had a set back. In the Pre Final my motor decided to explode coming off turn 2. No one was hurt and no oil was left on the track which is pretty amazing since we run from 15 to 16 oz in them. So there I am looking at this nice big o hole in the front of the block, and wondering what in the fred flinstone happened. Well back at the trailer we took it apart and the crank just let go. It tore the cam in half the rod im mean this thing was ugly. So my Son says to me hey Dad why dont you run my new TS motor, I mean I am the only Clone Jr here today. So after talking to tech and race director it was given the thumbs up by them for me to go ahead. Alanmykael would still be considered the Jr winner and get his points. So this was my first experiance with a TS Racing Engine. FOLKS !!!! I am blown away at how much power there is, in this motor. I had guys after the race tell me I passed them like they were sitting still. You hear people talk about how good certian motors are from certian builders. But WOW this engine was amazing. I am going to post a video of just how good this motor was, There is a SR driver a young man driving the # 3 kart. None of us had anything for him except my son who was about 50 lbs lighter. But even he had a hard time getting around him once he did it was check out time. But what I want you to see in this video is just how well the Motor preformed. Please note that dumb me missed the gearing by 1 or 2 teeth and My tire pressures were a bit high. I didnt get a chance to change all of that. Was thrashing just to get motor transfered from one kart to another. But watch this video as there was no one here that could touch the # 3 till I strapped on a TS Motor.

Sorry there was a little sound issue will have to look into it. The kart that is moving up really quickly is me the 42, With the TS Motor on. I went from 6th to 2nd in 1 lap, and on the heels of the #3 kart. Needless  to say I placed 2nd overall and I couldnt of done it without the help of my Son, Thank you Buddie and TS Racing Engines. So if you want to be standing were TPR is at every event you race at. Then Call Victor at TS and get you a Motor Package just like TPR. Click on the Logo above and that will get you to TS contact information. Next Race is Oct 25th See you then !!!


Well TPR was at OGP last Sunday testing and tuning before the Fall/Winter Series kicks off on Sept the 27th. A good friend of our`s by the name of Rick Smith was at his witts end`s with his chassis. I even think I heard Rick say he was going to throw it in the middle of traffic and let it get run over it was that bad. So TPR reached out to him and, We spent about an hour or so tweaking fine tuning using different tires and pressures. Well here is a video of Ricks performance he is in the 105 kart, the 14J is TPR driver Kyle Koetters. Now mind you Rick and several other racers have a heck of a time keeping up with us. But from the video I think we have Rick`s kart dialed in just nicely, after the practice session was over Rick came down to our pit area and was all SMILES !!!! He is loving the new set up and couldnt be any happier then he was right then. So many of you might be thinking to yourselves why would you help someone out who can beat you I mean he is your competion. You are correct but we at TPR beleive that a little sportsmanship goes much further then a Victory win. So in saying that Rick you are welcome and should you need or any other fellow clone racer out there at the OGP track need any help with Chassis or Engine Tuning please come on down to TPR Pit area always willing to help our fellow racers.


What a Great Race by one of Team Polley Racing members. Kyle was racing with his local machine mechanics from Class 1. There was allot of chatter at the plant as to who was going to be the top dog. There was also a little side betting going on. But here is the video of the race, and I think from the video we know who won and who was always going to win!!! LOL Great job by all the drivers out there and Tracy we are always looking for Sponsors- HINT HINT...

Well we had to make a bold move for my job. We moved to the Ocala FL area and WOW is it Hot down here. But we made our way to the Great OGP = Ocala Grand Prix Track and what an amazing track. We were also greeted by some great group of guys in the clone class. Big Shout out to Rick Smith & Gus Blanco for such a warm welcome to the racing community. We had our first ever crack on the OGP track Saturday the 22nd, and this track is not only fast but smooth as glass. TPR with in 2 practices had the karts dialed in. TPR also scaled under weight as this was the season ending race and TPR did not want to interfear with the guys fighting for points. So the 2 Clone Sr drivers for TPR ran light on weight, but our JR driver was on correct weight for his class coming home with a 2nd place finish great job bud !!! Here is a video of our race you may have to skip over some of the other classes to get to ours or you can watch the whole day if you wish. Once again Thank you Gus & Rick and all the clone guys for welcoming TPR into the OGP Family. TPR will be back in action in September for the Fall/Winter Series. So stay tuned for more action coming soon. Box Stock Practice 2nd round start time 2:09:15 , Box Stock Pre Final start time 6:40:25 Box Stock Finals start 8:27:34 these are the times in the youtube video if you want to skip and go directly to those races.

Alanmykael with his 2nd place finsh hardware. Not bad for first time out on a new track.

We had to bring this one back as we all loved this one. This was the TAG Sr Class at Vegas in 2011, one of our family members was racing in this event. I think the picture and the video says it all, take a look and enjoy. ( Click On Picture!!!).

Winning drivers from Last year and years past.




Kai Andrew